The Metal Halide Story

Metal halide lamps are one of the fastest growing light sources in the United States today.

Metal Halide lamps have gone through a revolution of change and improvement over the last several years. New technology, particularly pulse start technology, now allows users to select among a broad variety of lamp types to suit a wide range of applications. Venture Lighting has developed many unique lamps to satisfy the needs of end users. Advancements in lamp and ballast designs along with the inherent qualities of metal halide lighting account for its phenomenal growth:

1. Versatility: Venture Lighting International has been responsible for developing numerous innovative lamp types. Today there are almost 400 styles available. These new lamps types have made it possible to use metal halide in almost any setting, including industrial, commercial, retail and residential applications.

2. Efficiency: Metal halide is a highly efficient, compact source of white light, available in a variety of different color temperatures to accommodate users' needs. In contrast, high pressure sodium and mercury lamps are very limited in the color and quality of light they produce. The colors they generate are often unpleasing or inappropriate for many applications. This helps explain why the use of metal halide lamps continues to increase dramatically each year around the world. This is best evidenced by Venture Lighting's Uni-Form?/font> pulse start lamps.

3. Life: Metal halide lamps have exceptionally long rated lives of up to 30,000 hours, as seen in Venture's MS 400/BU/ER lamps.

4. Color: This light source can be manufactured to produce almost any color of light desired (2700K - 20000K) and also offers an excellent color rendering index (CRI) of 65-85. Specialty lamps of specific colors can also be produced, including; Blue Deluxe, Green Deluxe, Aqua Deluxe, and Pink Deluxe. These lamps are unique in that no filtration or gels are involved in the generation of color; instead, the metal halides in the arc tube are selected for their ability to generate individual saturated colors.

5. Ecology : Metal halide provides a partial solution to one of the most challenging problems faced by our industrialized society - the ecological impact of power generation. It is the smallest high efficiency optical package available, and the most energy efficient white light source known to man. Converting to energy efficient metal halide lighting could save an estimated 10% of the total energy consumed in the United States, resulting in a potential savings to consumers of over 16 billion dollars each year. In addition, dramatically reducing fossil fuel consumption would in turn reduce emissions of pollutants, such as carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides. Long lasting and compact metal halide lamps can also make a significant difference in the amount of solid waste produced each year. Metal halide lamps provide 45 times the lumen hours that incandescent lamps do so that relamping and lamp disposal need to be performed less often.