A red-headed woman makes a cho-choo jump its track.
A red-headed woman she can make it jump right back.
Oh, she's jus' nature's child,
She's got somethin' dat drives men wild.
A red-headed woman's gonna take you wedder you're
White, yellow or black.
But show me the red-head that kin make a fool of me!
Oh, she ain' existin' on de lan' or on de sea.
Oh, you kin knock me down
If dey don't fall for Brudder Crown.
Oh, show me de redhead dat kin make a goddam fool of me.

Lawd, Lawd, save us, don t listen to dat Crown, Lawd,
Jesus, oh, pay no min' to dat Crown
Oh, Lawd, strike him down, strike him down.
Oh, Lawd, don't listen to dat Crown.

Oh show me de redhead that can make a fool of me,
Oh, she ain't existin' on de land or on de sea.
Oh you kin knock me down if they don't fall for
Brudder Crown.
Oh, show me de redhead dat can make a goddam fool of,
I said a fool out o' me!

(Clara, at the window screams and falls back)

Jake's boat in de river, upside down!

Jake! Jake!
(Turns to Bess)
Bess, keep my baby for me till I get back!

(Bess reaches out for baby)

(Clara rushes out)

Clara oughtn't to be out dere all by herself.
Won't somebody go to Clara?
Ain't dere no man here?

Yeah, where is a man? Porgy, what you sittin' dere for?
Ain't you hear yo' woman callin' for a man? Looks to me
like dere ain' only one man 'roun' here! All right, I'm goin'
out to get Clara, then I'm comin' back to get you.

No, you don't!

All right, Big Frien', we's on for another bout!

(Crown opens door and plunges out. Roar)

Oh, Doctor Jesus, look down on me wit'pity, etc...
Oh, Lawd above, we knows You can destroy, etc...
Oh, Captain Jesus, find it in Yo' heart to save us, etc...
Professor Jesus, teach Yo' ignorant chillen, etc...
Oh, Father what die on Calbery, etc...
Oh, Hev'nly Father, hab mercy on we, etc...


Dějství 3. - scéna 1.

(The storm has ended. It is dusk.)

Clara, Clara, don't you be downhearted,
Clara, Clara, don't you be sad an' lonesome.
Jesus is walkin' on de water.
Rise up an' follow Him home.
Oh, Lawd, oh my Jesus, rise up an' follow Him home.

Jake, Jake, don't you be downhearted,
Jake, Jake, don't you be sad an' lonesome, etc.

Crown, Crown, don t you be downhearted,

(laughs under Serena's stairs)
Ha, ha, ha, ha,

You low-lived skunk, ain' you got no shame, laughin' at
those po' womens whaf's singin' for their mens los' in the
stor m !

I ain't see no sense in makin' such a fuss over a man when
he's dead; when a gal loses her man dere's plenty o' men
still livin' what likes good lookin' gals.

I know it ain' dem gals you is after, ain' you see, Bess got no
use for you, ain' you see she got a man?

I see more'n dat, Auntie, I see she got two men.

What you mean by dat? Bess got two men. Crown dead
ain' he?

I ain' tellin' you nothin', but a woman who got jus' one man,
maybe she got him for keeps, but when she got two mens,
there's mighty apt to be a carvin', den de cops comes in an'
takes de leavin's. An' pretty soon she ain't got none.

(Maria enters shop. Sporting Life goes off.)

(Singing to Clara's baby ot window)

Summertime an' the livin' is easy,
Fish are jumpin' an'the cotton is high.
Oh yo' daddy's rich an yo' ma's good lookin'
so hush, little baby, don' you cry, Ah.

(Bess leaves window)

(Crown enters the empty courtyard and picks his way
stealthily across the court. Dropping to his hands and
knees he crawls toward Porgy's door. Above Crown, the
shutter opens slowly. An arm is extended, the hand
grasping a long knife. The arm descends plunging the
knife into Crown's back. The knife is withdrawn and
hurled into court. Crown staggers upright as Porgy
leans from window and closes both hands around his
throat. They struggle at the window, and Porgy kills
Crown, hurling the body into the, courtyard.)

(Laughing triumphantly)

Bess, Bess, you got a man now, you got Porgy!


Dějství 3. - scéna 2.


(Appears at gate with Coroner)

Wait for us at the corner, Al. We'll put the widow
through first.
(Climbs steps to Serena's window knocks
and descends to court.)
Come on down Serena Robbins, and make it damn quick!

(Slight pause. Then shutter pops open)

(At the window)
Huh! Serena been very sick in her bed three day an' I been
here with her all de time.

(Pops back in - closes shutters)

The hell she has. Tell her if she don't come down
wagon and run her in.

(Serena appears ot the window. Groans.)

Where were you last night, Serena Robbins?

I been sick in dis bed three day an' three night.

An' we been nursin' her all dat time.

Dat's de Gawd's truth.

Would you swear to that?

Yes, boss, we swear to that.

There you are, an air-tight alibi.

Just two months ago right here Crown killed your husband,
didn't he?


Answer me, you'll either talk here or in jail.
Did Crown kill you husband, yes or no?

We swear to dat, boss.

And last night Crown got his right here, didn't he?

Go 'long, boss, ain' dat gentleman say we is "alabi"?

(Shouting with rage)
Was Crown killed here - yes or no?

We ain' see nuttin' boss. We been in dis room three day an'
night an' de window been closed.

Look at me, Serena Robbins. Do you mean to tell me that
the man who killed your husband was bumped off under
your window, and you didn't know it?

We ain' see nuttin' Boss. We been in dis room

Three days an' nights.

Three days and nights!

An' de window been closed.

(They close shutters)

You needn't do that one again.
Oh hell! You might as well argue with a parrot,
but you'll never break their story.
But I'll get you a witness for your inquest.
Step over here an' I'll put the cripple through.
(Goes to Porgy's door and kicks it open violently.)
Come out both of you there, step lively now!

(Bess helps Porgy to the doorstep, then she stands by him,
the baby in her arms. Sporting Life enters court and
silently watches.)

What is your name?

Jus' Porgy. You knows me, boss,
You done give me plenty of pennies on Meetin' Street.

Of course - you're the goat man,
I didn't know you with no wagon.
I'm the coroner, not a policeman.
Now this dead one, Crown, you knew him by sight, didn't
you? You'd know him if you saw him again?

Yes, boss, seems like I remember him,
when he used to come 'round' here long time ago.
But I ain' care none' bout seein' him.

Well, you've got to see him anyway. Come along.

You needn't be afraid. All you've got to do is to view the
body as a witness, and tell us who it is.

(Terror stricken)
I got to go an' look at Crown's face...

Yes, that's all.

With all dem white folks lookin' at me?

Oh cheer up. I reckon you've seen a dead body before.
It'll all be over in a few minutes.

There ain' goin' be nobody in dat room 'cept me?

Just you an' Crown, if you can still call him one.

Boss, I couldn't jus' bring a woman with me?
I...I couldn't even carry my woman?

No! You can't bring anyone. I'll send an officer to help you

Boss, boss...

Now get this... I have summoned you an' you have to go.
or you'll go to jail for contempt of court.
(Leaves with Coroner)
(Porgy turns to Bess)

Oh, Lawd what I goin' do?

You've got to go Porgy,
maybe you can jus' make like to look at him
an' keep yo' eye shut;
You goin' be alright, Porgy.
You only goin' be a witness.

(Who has been enjoying it)
I ain' so sure of that. All I know is that when the
man that killed Crown go in that room - an' look at him
Crown' wound begin to bleed!

Oh, my Jesus!

That's one way the cops got of tellin' who killed him.
I can't look at Crown's face
Oh Gawd, what I goin' do?

(Entering with a second policeman.)
Hey, you there, come along!
(They start dragging Porgy to the gate.)

I ain' goin' look on his face!

Oh, you'll look all right.

Turn me loose, turn me loose you can't make
his face! Ain't nobody can make me look on Crown's face!

(He is dragged out)

Oh, Gawd! They goin' make him look on Crowns's face!

Sister, that Porgy ain' goin' be no witness now. They goin'
lock him up in jail

Lock him up? Not for long, Sportin' Life!

Not for long. Maybe one year, maybe two year, maybe--
just like I tol' you, ain' nobody home now but Bess and ole
Sportin' Life.
(He takes her hand)
But cheer up, sistuh, Ole Spurtin' Life givin' you de stuff for
scare away, dem lonesome blues.

Happy dus'! I ain' want none of dat stuff, I tells you. Take
dat stuff away, Buzzard!

(Sporting Life almost forces Bess to toke the dope.
She suddenlly yields and clops her hund over mouth)

That's the thing, ain' it? An' membuh there's.
where that come from. Listen: There's a boat dat's
leavin' soon for New York. Come wid me, dat's where
we belong, sister.
You an' me kin live dat high life in New York.
Come wid me, dere you can't go wrong, sister.
I'll buy you de swellest mansion
Up on upper Fi'th Avenue
An' through Harlem we'll go struttin',
We'll go astruttin',
An' dere'll be nuttin'
Too good for you.
I'll dress you in silks and satins
In de latest Paris styles.
And de blues you'll be forgettin',
You'll be forgettin',
There'll be no frettin'
Jes nothin' but smiles.
Come along wid me, Hey dat's de place,
Don't be a fool, come along, come along.
There's a boat dat's leavin' soon for New York
Come wid me, dat's where we belong, sister,
Dat's where we belong! Come on, Bess!

You low, crawlin' hound! Get away from my door, I tells
you, leave it, you rattlesnake. Dat's what you is,
a rattlesnake!

(Sporting Life hands her a second paper. She knocks it out
of his hand and runs to her door and inside)

Don't want take a second shot, eh! All right, I'll leave it
here. Maybe you'll change yo' mind.

(Sporting Life tosses paper with dope on the doorstep. He
smiles, lights a cigarette, starts sauntering off blowing smoke
rings, sure that Bess will come back for the dope.)


Dějství 3. - scéna 3.

(It is one week later)

Good mornin' sistuh!

Good mornin', brudder

Good mornin', sistuh!

Good mornin', brudder.

(Everybody waves)

Good mornin', Good mornin'
How are you dis very lovely mornin'? How are you dis
very lovely mornin'?

La, la, la, la, la, la, la. Sure to go to Heaven,
Yes, you boun' to go to Heaven, sure to go to Heaven.
If yo' good to yo' mammy an' yo' pappy, wash yo'
face an' make dem happy. Den you'll be St. Peter's
loveable chile. La, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.

How are you dis mornin'?
Feelin' fine an' dandy
Tell me how are you dis mornin'?
Feelin' fine an' dandy
Tell me how are you dis mornin'?
Feelin' fine an' dandy.
Tell me how are you on dis lovely
Mornin' - How are you dis lovely day?

(Clang of patrolwagon is heard)

It's Porgy comin' home.

(Crowd breaks up into groups and gazes
apprehensively at the gate.)

Thank Gawd I's home again!

Welcome home, Porgy. We're all so glad you is back again.

(Crossing over to Maria's table.)
Dem white folks sure ain' put nuthin'
over on this baby.
Ain' I tell you, I ain' goin' look on Crown's face.

You ain' look on um Porgy?

No, no, no, no, I keep dese e yes shut in dat room 'til they
done put me in jail for contemp' of court.

(Not noticing any of the embarrassed behavior of his friends)
Sh...Don' anybody let on I's home again.
I got a surprise for Bess. Sweet Bess,
an' I ain' wants her to know, 'til I get ev'rything ready.
Bring dem bundles here, Scipio!
Here, boy, look what I brought for you.
Throw away that ole mouth organ you got
an' start on this one.
See, it got a picture of a brass band on it
Work on that an' the firs' thing you know
you'll be playin' wid de orphans.

(Still not noticing how the crowd is sneaking away.)

Lily Holmes, Lily Holmes!
Here gal, hol' up yo' head. Dat's right.
I never did like dat ole funeral bonnet
Peter buy for you... Get down, sistuh;

(Presenting her with o gorgeous feather trimmed hat)
Dere now, get underneath dat,
an' make all de redbird an' de bluejay jealous.

(Unwrapping a dress)

Now dat's de style for my Bess.
She's one gal what always look good in red.

(Noticing how his friends are leaving, he tries to pull
them bock with an interesting story.)

Listen to this, ev'rybody; I reckon I's de firs' fella
roun' here what go to jail po' and leave there rich;
All de time I got my lucky bones hid in my mout',
see,...An' I jus' got t'ru dem other crap-shootin' polecats
like Glory Hallelujah!

Now, ain' dis de thing?
'Course de baby ain' big enough
to wear a dress like dis yet,
but he goin' grow fast. You watch,
he goin' be in dat dress by de first frost.
An' now it's time to call Bess.
Bess, oh, Bess, here Porgy come home!

(Aside to Maria)
Jus' you wait till dat gal see me. Oh, Bess!
Here Mingo, What's de matter wid you all?
Where you goin'? What kind of a welcome
is dis for a man what's just been in jail
for contemp' of court?
(Seeing Serena holding Clara's baby)
Why, hello, if dere ain't Serena
You sho' work fast, sistuh.
I jus' been gone a week,
an' here you are wid a new baby.
(Seeing who the baby is...)

Here, hol' on, let me see dat chile
dat's Bess' baby ain'it,
where you get it? Where Bess anyhow?
She ain' answer me.

(Everyone has left except Maria and Serena. Porgy
crawls to his door ond enters.)

Bess, ain' you here? Bess!
(Comes out of his door, frantic)
Maria, Maria, where s Bess,
tell me quick where's Bess,
Tell me quick... Where's Bess. Where is Bess!
Oh, Bess!

Ain' we tell you all along, Porgy,
Dat woman ain' fit fo' you?