(Catfish Row crowd comes out attired in their
lodge regalia, singing and dancing, ready for the picnic.)

Oh, I can't sit down.
Got to keep agoin' like de flowin' of a song.
Oh, I can't sit down
Guess I'll take my honey an' her sunny smile along.
Today I is gay an' I's free
Jes' abubblin', nothin'troublin' me.
Oh, I's gwine to town
I can't sit down.

Happy feelin', in my bones astealin'
No concealin' dat it's picnic day.
Sho's is dandy, got de licker handy.
Me an' Mandy, we is on de way
'Cause dis is picnic day.
Oh I can't sit down
Got to keep ajumpin' to de thumpin' of de drum!
Oh, I can't sit down.
Full of locomotion like an ocean full of rum!
Today I is gay an' I's free.
Jes' abubblin', nothin' troublin' me!
Oh, I's gwine to town
I can't, jes' can't, sit down!
(Crowd leaves. Maria goes to Bess)

What's de matter wid you, sister? Ain't you know you goin'
be late for de picnic?

I stayin' with porgy.

Sho' you goin'. Ev'rybody goin'. You got to help me wid my
basket. Come now, where's yo' hat?
(Gets her hat from Porgy's room)
What's dis talk about stayin' home when ev'rybody goin' to
de picnic?

Porgy, I hates to go an' leave you all alone.

Bess, my honey, I so glad to have you go, I been wantin'
you to be so happy here in Catfish Row.
Yes, Porgy, I know.
Go, chile, go.
Come on, chile! Get into dese clo'es. You stay roun' here
an' you'll die of de lonesome blues.
Come on now, hurry up. We'll be late for dat boat.
Goodbye, Porgy.
Goodbye, honey.
(Maria and Bess leave)
Goodbye, Porgy goodbye.

Oh, I got plenty o' nuttin',
An' nuttin's plenty fo' me,
I got my gal, got my Lawd, got Hebben de whole day long.
Got my gal, got my Lawd, got my song!