Tomb 1

New Kingdom, Dynasty 20, Rameses VII

This is the northernmost tomb in the Valley of the Kings, cut into a small side valley near the Valley's entrance. We know almost nothing about its owner, Rameses VII. His tomb was left unfinished and its second corridor was hastily converted into a burial chamber when the Pharaoh unexpectedly died. A sarcophagus lid was placed over a pit cut into the floor to serve as his place of burial.


Tomb entrance at base of hill with modern shelter and approach path.


Corridor: left wall

Rameses VII offering to Ra-Horakhty-Atum-Khepri.



Burial chamber: occupant's right side of pit cover
Burial chamber: occupant's right side of pit cover

Four sons of Heru (Horus).


Burial chamber: pit cover
Burial chamber: pit cover


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